March 30th, 2006

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There are some con reports over at the animedetour joint, most of them not by staff. Check the Friends page starting on March 23.

jariten checks in here,
acdragonmaster here,
phoenixalpha here,
revolutionaryjo delivers a twofer with pictures that also covers Marscon, and
danae presents us with a very short note.

This is just what's on my f-list and unlocked; there are a couple of my staff who have their journals locked, so you're out of luck as far as that goes. I suppose I could use Google to hunt through the rest of but I'm not feeling that motivated.
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Ethnic illiteracy and the immigration problem

Well, apparently things went a little nuts over the weekend, with a bunch of jackholes skipping school to spout irredentist crap in the streets and fly the Mexican flag. Real smooth.

I don't know if I'd go as far as Mark Krikorian in comparing this to the exclave situation in Europe (the new dhimmitude?!?), but it's obvious to me that the Feds need to get their thumb out of their collective ass and start getting serious about securing the Mexican border.
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Boss Coffee

One Thursday night, with broccoli

A few random notes on things not previously covered...

I've had a few people ask me if I miss being Chairman yet, and they always seem surprised when I say no, which I think says a lot more about their ignorance of the real nature of the job than it does about me, really. Like most volunteer leadership jobs, it's like herding cats, and that's really stressful. I won't miss that. I also won't miss being the backup for just about every department when it comes to purchasing and publications and the dozens of other things I've been covering these last three years. I also won't miss having to tell people they aren't cutting it, though we've been blessed with so many good people that that particular issue hasn't come up much these last few years. It's going to be a relief just handling registration next year, unless stuckintraffik wants me to do the Vice Chairman thing for a year while we look for his potential successor. I'm not bucking for the job, mind you. VC is a lot like the Chairman's position except without the rock star moments at Opening & Closing ceremonies, and as I said, I'm happy not to be the chairman any more.

Finally managed to get the Lee Wiley off the Carbon and replace her with some Meat Loaf, Johnny Cash and Janet Jackson. I love Wiley's voice, but her songs make me uneasy...there's an undertone of bitter mockery to them, and I have enough sad songs on the Carbon already, thanks.

Next on tonight's agenda is doing the dishes and bagging up some of the garbage around here. They'll be coming through tomorrow and Saturday looking for a leak in the hot water system, and I'd like the place to be not so much of a sty as it is.

I also need to stop whining about my legs. Yes, they're screwed up and they hurt, but everybody who reads this LJ is well aware of how squamous, rugose and oozy they are by now; no point in hammering it into the ground.

Currently reading: Beowulf's Children by Barnes, Niven and Pournelle.
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