March 28th, 2006


Still standing

Best season preview ever. I almost killed my keyboard with shrimp ramen six times. Via Capital Punishment.

I guess now that AD is over I'll have some time to devote to baseball. I've bought a couple of books already but haven't really spent any time looking at players (well, except for the Nationals) so I'm completely unready for the fantasy baseball season.

I made it through the weekend, obviously, and surprisingly my blood sugars were pretty good throughout the convention except for a vicious spike on Saturday night when I stupidly tested my glucose level about an hour after scarfing down a bagel. I mostly avoided sweets - there was one Korean Moon Pie on Monday and the Reese's pie that tatsmaru gave me Saturday night, but otherwise it was just two meals a day and a lot of walking around, apparently. My belt is one notch tighter today, so I guess I really wasn't "putting the 'chair' in 'chairman'" so much after all. As for the legs, well, tatsmaru and others harassed me to keep my right leg elevated whenever I was in Operations or the Volunteer consuite, and I did finally set up the cuffs on Saturday, which is how (and why) the only thing I saw all weekend was the last hour of Chronicles of Riddick. So the legs are pretty much okay today, I guess.

This morning I managed to get up at 0730 despite apparently not setting the alarm, or maybe sleeping through it again, and decided to drive into work after packing lunch. This meant I was only a little bit late and saved whatever I would have spent on lunch, to say nothing of what lunch at Taco John's would have done to my waistline.

No plans for tonight aside from downloading pics off the camera, leg compression, and a long night's sleep.