March 22nd, 2006

Boss Coffee


Or, by stuckintraffik's reckoning, AD-1, since our part of the convention starts tomorrow, but I reject this revisionist thinking and stick with the announced start time of Friday. Anyway...we wrapped up all the pre-reg badges last night, he and I and danae and phoenixalpha, so that's done. Next year the consensus is that we print, laminate, cut and drill the pre-reg badges instead of doing the lamination by hand as we did this year; I'm thinking the savings in materials and labor will be well worth any additional expense, if any. There was grumbling about the fact that our badges aren't as flashy as some other conventions, but if the new chairman wants flashier/more colorful badges that's up to him. I'll be just a cog in the staff machine next year. A damn big cog, true, but this and other things won't be my decision, and that's a relief.

Dividers and shelving are going to set us back a little less than half a grand; we may want to look into buying some for next year, although this includes pickup and delivery. A lot depends on whether we stay here in 2008 and take advantage of the Sprawl Phase II, rent beer tents, or move to the Sheraton. It's nice having our own hotel here.

I also called back Ted Cook's and ordered up hot sauce (on the side) in addition to the mild sauce (on the side as a dilutant for the weak-livered among us) since some of us may find the standard sauce not hot enough. Also ordered potatoes - I can't believe I forgot potatoes when I placed the order! It's not real BBQ without taters.

In a rare bit of non-convention/non-health news, I finished Consider Phlebas, a baroque yet gritty space opera by Iain M. Banks set against the backdrop of the Culture/Idiran War. Interesting book, reminding me quite a bit of M. John Harrison's The Centauri Device in its depiction of normal people caught in the gears between two great clashing polities and its overall British flavour. You can also see the similarities to the world of HALO, which are subtle but definitely present enough for Bungie to give credit to Banks for having inspired them. Recommended. Thanks to stuckintraffik for the loan!

The easy part of balancing is over, and now I have to crank out all the other crap that would normally be spaced out over the next few days. All this and the C.R.A.P. for school, too...and tonight I really need to clean up the apartment and do some laundry, or the place is going to be uninhabitable when I return on Monday night.
Boss Coffee

Karma, synchronicity, and other things I don't believe in

Well, I managed to finish up three days' worth of work in one hectic day, along with a paper for Multicultural & Gifted Learning Environments or whatever the fark it was called, but I didn't take any breaks and did deal with a lot of AD stuff over the phone and on the internet. So I'm a little burned out at the moment. My inner child is whining, "Aw, do we have to go do laundry tonight?" and unfortunately I can't reach the softass little mope to smack him upside the head.

There was an LJ post from drunkenphlower, one of our former senior staff at AD wishing us luck, which was nice to see. We do miss her and wish she'd come back (to say nothing of ladyhotaru and the Reverend), but work is probably still trying to kill her. I dunno; we're not talking these days, and I don't put a lot of stock in the fortune cookie I got today which read, "Missing friends will soon come back into your life." That's so vague and oracular it could cover everything from the LJ post to the convention to...whatever. I've gotten used to people drifting out of my life for good reasons or no reason at all, even in these days of the Internet when just about everyone I know even vaguely is just a few keystrokes and a tap of the keypad away. It's depressing, but that's just the way it is.

Well, enough time wasted brooding about crap. Time to make things happen.
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The Professor puts the boot in

I missed the chance yesterday to post a link to this post at Instapundit, which leads with a truly amazing screed by someone who thinks Professor Death wants to be Glenn Greenwald, whoever the hell that is. Anyway, Reynolds goes on to point out a number of things the antiwar movement has gotten wrong (and continues to get wrong) by way of laying the smackdown on this clown.
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With that, I think it's time to go pick up more medicine for the weekend, wash some laundry, and maybe - just maybe - go to bed early tonight and get a full eight hours in before the all the work starts tomorrow.

UPDATE Well, two out of three ain't bad. Six hours ought to do me, and I can always catch a nap sometime tomorrow afternoon before I go to pick up the Mass Quantities of Barbecue.