March 6th, 2006

dead wombat

No love for the elbow or the checking account

Drove up to visit jolest and Jeanne last night but missed jolest since he was called in to work; being Chief Software Engineer is clearly not all tea & crumpets and a 9-5 schedule. Anyway, Jeanne and I had a nice chat since we hadn't seen each other in months and had a lot to get caught up on. We might do lunch on Wednesday, when she actually has work in this end of the Metro; a one-day (!) assignment, of all things. Well do I remember those ugly temping stretches when I traveled to the ass-end of nowhere for a single day's work because that's all that was out there...anyway, I headed home about 8:30 and decided to drown my misery in a rack of Ted Cook's ribs. I'm pretty sure that croaked any bacteria lurking anywhere in my body, and put me down for the count besides, since after watching a few AMV fell asleep, I slept right through my 0600 alarm and didn't wake up until 0720.

Glad I was to rise; that last few hours of sleep was ruined by an extremely surreal nightmare that warped through several long-gone landscapes in Prince Georges and St. Mary's County. Not so glad to see that my student loan had still not hit my checking account. I drove in to work anyway, since by the time I finished showering, dressing and consuming drugs with coffee it was already 0800.

So...God only knows where the missing $3700 is. The college seems to have sent it to the right account, but Wells says it ain't there and they don't see it on the way, so I have another call in to the business office in Winona to find out if they maybe sent it to the wrong bank. Enough has gone wrong with this damned loan that it wouldn't surprise me in the least if someone had mistyped the routing number and sent it to some credit union in Dead Cornsmut, SD. Nothing for it but to wait for the call back and listen to relatively cheery big band music.

Oh, and the elbow has decided to be painful again this morning, though aspirin seems to have taken the edge off for now. Can't wait to see what the doctor will have to say about that tomorrow.
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Well, that figures

I finally found my missing dollars, after working my way through the jungle of people who knew people who knew stuff about tracking down errant funds transfers. Turns out the person who normally does EFTs for the college's bank in Winona was out sick Friday and was told it had gone out when she came in today. Imagine how surprised she was when a disgruntled customer called up! She told she's working on it now and I'll have the cash tomorrow, but I remain skeptical. This is going to cost me over $100 in late fees and bounces, which I'm sure I'm not going to see any time soon, and worse yet this will be the second time I've been late with the rent. Just what I need.

3/7 UPDATE: Well, what do you know. It's finally here.
*grabs checkbook and starts writing checks*
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the mark

In advance of the broken laptop

I have to admit, this latest example of Palm coolness is awfully tempting, but since I owe way too many people way too much money, it's not going to happen for a while. Actually, I would have been happy with a wifi version of the Tungsten III, but for some reason they went with Bluetooth instead on the E2, which I don't think was too smart. And now, sadly, they've succumbed to the lure of Redmond. I suppose if they did bring out a wifi smartphone version of the Treo, though, Cingular and Verizon would cut them off at the knees. Well, I'm still holding out hope for a cross of the Treo and the Rio Audio MP3 players, because I'm not all that impressed with the Real Rhapsody software, at least not in the desktop/laptop environment.

In the meantime...the question is whether to keep a separate cellphone until next year and get the wifi-enabled TX in May, or whether to wait until next year when my contract with Cingular expires and just go with a sled-assisted Treo with phone service through Verizon. edminster's dad swears by his Treo, so that's one vote in favor of holding out.
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