March 4th, 2006


Caught in the gears again

Well, they lived down to my expectations. After redmartel woke me up this morning, I staggered out to the Deskpro and looked at the checking account online. Sure enough, no student loan. Bastards. My fscking rent is due. Well, nothing I can do about it for now but gnash my teeth, think dark thoughts, whine to my LJ and make a note to call the college on Monday to ask them WTF is going on. I would cheerfully drive down to Winona to take care of this if it were something I'd screwed up, but I did everything by the numbers.

I didn't actually get much cleaning done last night, but at least I took good care of my feet, which I've been slacking off on lately. One of the things I picked up at Walmart this week was some Nexcare Foot Care Cream, and this stuff is just the bomb. If they sold it by the gallon I would happily soak my feet in the stuff, it's that good. Even the sore spot on my right ankle and the hideously dry soles are responding to it.

Well, I have a few hours until redmartel arrives to pick up registration stuff. Time to do some actual cleaning, eat something resembling brunch, and generally avoid lounging around the computer.
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Things that make you go hmmm...

It reminds me, in a way, of the triptych YT sees at Reverend Wayne's Pearly Gates franchise. Thing is, though, for a lot of blue-collar Southerners, these are the three men they admire most. I would have substituted U. S. Grant and Johnny Cash, myself, but I walk both sides of the line.

From the blog of a future colleague via Far Outliers, which never fails to surprise with some of the weirdest stuff out there.
the mark

I think what killed this movie... that there was too much gunplay and not enough martial arts (don't give me that gun-kata crap, either), too much Big Brother and not enough sexy women in PVC*. Plus, Sean Bean gets whacked early in the flick, which is never good. Of course, I'm talking about Equilibrium, starring Christan Bale and Taye Diggs, which came out the year before The Matrix Reloaded. It's a pretty good dystopian movie, reminding me a lot of Ira Levin's similar novel This Perfect Day, which also features a world full of drugged sheeple, but Equilibrium has its own uniquely English Fascist twists.

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The movie has a pretty sizable cult following, and certainly deserves to be considered in the same class as The Matrix, Gattaca, and other dystopian flicks. Recommended.

*Yes, Emily Watson is cute, but she doesn't get nearly enough screen time and never dresses in PVC. That's what the servants of the regime get to wear, and neither they nor it are sexy.
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