March 2nd, 2006


Too far? Or not far enough?

John Derbyshire at NRO lists ten reasons why postmodernist philosophers "should be burned alive in public squares atop piles of their books."

My personal favorite of all these pointless blatherings?
"Knowledge ... creates a progressive enslavement to its instinctive violence."
-Michel Foucault, Language, Counter-Memory, and Practice.

Their crimes against English and clear thinking, they are indeed great.

A semi-productive day

I've gotten a fair amount done today, but not necessarily from the viewpoint of the Evil Banking Neighbor. In fact, it seems to me that I've spent most of my time working on stuff for the convention, which is just as well since it's stuff that needed to be done anyway. Stuff like getting insurance coverage for the convention, following up on Registration mailings, and similar wild delights.

Tonight: garbage, dishes, and getting my black jeans fixed.
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