February 27th, 2006

Boss Coffee

It's all about the process

Steven den Beste lays out the reason why Roe v. Wade was a bad idea - for both sides of the abortion issue. I don't agree with him about abortion or gay marriage, but he's absolutely right about the underlying mechanics of the Federal system. There's a link here to be made between judicial activism as a form of immediate gratification and the disillusionment of some folks over the way things have gone in Iraq.

Latter link via Instapundit.
dead wombat

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I e-mailed my assessment instructor to let her know I wasn't feeling well and would not be in class tonight. Yes, there's a quiz on the syllabus, but I don't really care; I'm really not feeling up to sitting through the class tonight.

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All in all, an early bedtime tonight seems like the sensible thing to do.

phoenixalpha: the photos turned out very nicely. I'll burn them onto a CD for you, since there's just way too many of them to e-mail...I thought XP had built-in WinZip or some such, but I thought wrong.

tokenfanboy: don't worry. I'll have that stuff written up for you and in the e-mail before I crash.

revolutionaryjo, redmartel, ristance: I found more stuff (AMVs, registrations, art show stuff) that was hiding at the bottom of my work bag, and of course we got some more AMVs in today. It's a real competition! Yay!