February 22nd, 2006

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The last and worst Soviet weapon of the Cold War

Eric Raymond talks about memetic weapons and their effect on the Current Unpleasantness. The comments are pretty interesting as well. A lot of people on my friends list aren't going to like it, but ESR has done his homework rather thoroughly and as a pagan libertarian can't be easily lumped in with bomb-throwers like Ann Coulter or isolationist paleoconservatives like Pat Buchanan, who also think the Culture War is vital WRT America winning the war against Islamic fascism.

Via Instapundit.

Some incomplete comments by Jerry Pournelle.
Boss Coffee

This is not the Impala I was looking for

As those of you who have met me can attest, I have the weight of an NFL center but the unfortunately most of that weight hangs off my front end. Thus, when I rent a vehicle, I want something roomy like a full-size car or an SUV, and am always on the lookout for good deals. That's how I wound up dealing with Budget this past weekend, who are apparently under the impression that the Hyundai Sonata is a full-sized four-door sedan.

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The General

He's back

Steven den Beste is back with more comments on anime and other matters of importance at Chizumatic. Apparently this is one of the important things I missed by being out of town.

In other news, since I hadn't cleaned out the mailbox since last Thursday, we had a foot-high stack of registrations, three more submissions to the AMV contest, a check from one of our dealers, and about half a dozen 8.5x11 envelopes, which means we're probably going to wind up with 1100, maybe 1200 preregistrations.
Boss Coffee

Hey, I can do these memes now!

Actually I could do them before using WMP 10 on Cowzilla, but it's not how the game is played.

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I doubt anybody's going to get #1, #7, #8, #11, #13 and #17 without using Google (which is cheating) although it's possible windelina might get half credit on #17 because she's familiar with the genre. I'd arbitrarily bar phoenixalpha except I don't think even she could identify the six songs listed above.

Props to slutbamwalla, from whom this has been ganked.
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