February 21st, 2006


Ready to go?

Sitting here in the hotel room, trying to wake up and get rolling for the 10:30 meeting with the man I'm hoping will be my next boss, I'm looking around and tring to make sure I've remembered to pack everything that's not needed for the shower. The little details of travel....

It's been a busy weekend. I've spent most of it socializing, but also getting a feel for the real estate market here (severely overheated) the cost of living (surprisingly, not much higher than Minneapolis, if you're careful) and how things have changed in the six years since everything went sideways with me and the company not yet known as Cidera. I also did some SMOFfing, since some of my friends are active in the local anime/gamer convention scene, so I guess I covered all the bases. Now I really need to hit the shower and get dressed so I can catch the tail end of the free breakfast here, though I might actually be better off driving through a McDonald's so I can get more protein and less sugar. Cash is so tight it's whimpering, though, so I think it'll be the free and starchy breakfast before I head out. Next post from home tonight, most likely.