February 14th, 2006

Boss Coffee

Time control goes wonky

This is one of those odd weeks when I'm really busy and yet time seems to be crawling by, probably because a number of things are screwing up the flow of events in various ways. For example, yesterday was half wasted when the tech boys here at the Evil Banking neighbor moved all our files on the Intranet to a brand-new network drive - which they had, for some reason, designated read-only. This gunked up the work flow all morning until I got tired of waiting for them and found space on another network drive to stash the billing files. Sure enough, about an hour later I got the word that they'd fixed the new drive, and after that the work poured in fairly consistently, to the point where I only managed to squeeze out one LJ post in the afternoon...distracted by the impending class and baseball, I forgot to make the post on the Carbon I'd been promising zippychik, among others.

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Time to burn another sticker

I was planning on doing laundry tonight, since I'm out of clean work shirts, but I'm feeling tired & slightly depressed so I say the hell with it - I'll use one of my Casual Day stickers tomorrow and do laundry when I get home. I got the new All Hyper-Concentrated 3x detergent, and it won't spoil if I wait another day to try it out.

In the meantime, from the guy who brought you Klingon Fairy Tales, we have a selection of Klingon Recipes for your dining pleasure.
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