February 12th, 2006

The General

One of those days

Well, it went about as well as I could have expected it to, I guess. I don't really want to talk about the Board meeting, because it's pretty much inside baseball regarding Anime Detour, and the second hour of it was a hearing for the benefit of some disgruntled staff who didn't think they'd been given a fair deal. It didn't change anything - no matter how wrong the Board might have thought I was in dealing with them, they weren't about to fire me over it - and I don't think it really helped, except to make it clear to all concerned that yes, there are some parts of the Chairman's job I don't do as well as other parts. It's pretty much a dead issue since my time is up at the end of this year's convention, and stuckintraffik has his own combination of strengths and weaknesses.

The staff meeting went well enough. Things are coming down to the wire in a couple of departments, and they're kinda tense, but they'll be through the difficult part very soon. Afterwards, about a dozen people hung out for socializing and gaming, with pizza on the side. Next time I think I'm going to bring some of the several zillion pizza flyers laying around the apartment, because the wifi was weak, I couldn't pull up Domino's or Papa John's or Pizza Hut, and something in the Davanni's pizza didn't agree with me.

There's probably some convention-related business I should be dealing with right now, but I can't for the life of me remember what the hell it is, so I'm going to dig my assessment text out of the boxes and toddle off to bed. Tomorrow's another day, and it's probably going to be busier than I want to think about right now even before I get to class.