February 11th, 2006


The decline and fall of all empires

I'm coming to some depressing conclusions about Civ III, some of which I was already 99% sure about, but sometimes it takes a few more iterations of pounding your head against the wall before the message really sinks in.

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In other gaming news, I saw a secondhand XBox downtown at EB Games for about what I paid for the Carbon. The downside to getting it, of course (assuming I had the money) is that I'd feel compelled to go out and get a TV suitable for multiplayer HALO 2 (with, say, a 20" screen), so the damn thing would actually set me back around $250.
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Sometimes when things get too weird...

...even the weird can't turn pro. This seems to happen a lot to the heroes of Charles Stross' fiction.
His short story collection Toast includes a fair sample of the short stories he did before Singularity Sky was published*, and includes stories related to both the aforementioned novel and the chilling Deighton/Lovecraft hybrid that is The Atrocity Archives. Which is going to have a sequel in print at the end of the year, calloo callay!

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