February 5th, 2006


Global warming, where are you when I need you?

Actually, I can't whine too loudly. I got up this morning and discovered that Overstock.com had refunded me the money I paid them for the Rio Carbon, which UPS will be delivering to the office on Monday - since they've already tried to drop it off here twice and nobody's been around to sign for it. So I didn't have to rob any banks or do anything else stupid to make rent, which was good, but still...WTF?

Despite temperatures in the single digits, the Sportage started right up this morning and carried me to the Richfield Wells Fargo, which couldn't have been busier if they were handing out free sinkers & coffee. There I purchased a money order to pay rent, after which I went down to Chipotle and lunched on a burrito, discussed the events of the week with stuckintraffik, and shortly thereafter dropped by Chez Ganann and hung out. Lauren whipped me throughly at Carcassonne after I managed to make the hotseat game of Civilization IV we were playing with Kale blow up. AD drama came and went throughout the day and into the evening, when we kicked back with pizza and watched Blazing Saddles.

Then it was time to come home, take drugs, catch up with mail and LJ, and go to bed, for Sunday is another day.
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Super Bowl, what?

So instead of coming home and going straight to bed like a sensible person, I stayed up until about 0300 playing Civicrack and listening to the Root of All Evil (with 100% natural Earl tonight instead of stand-ins, for a change) after ripping the last two James McMurtry CDs onto Cowzilla's hard drive.

That meant that I slept in until 1 PM today and I am only now getting around to doing anything more constructive than eating lunch...and I really need to get constructive, since the sink is full of dirty dishes, there are a couple of bags of garbage that need to be chucked into the dumpster, and I need to do laundry. After that I'll be pretty well set for the rest of the week, which is a good thing since I have a whole $10 cash left to me until Friday, which should be when the student loan leftovers arrive along with the paycheck. Good thing, too, because I got BILLS.

I don't really have a dog in the Super Bowl fight, but out of solidarity with onsenmark I think I'll plug in the TV, see if I can get the game, and pull for the Steelers. (Seahawks? Please.) Gonna leave the sound off, though. Especially for the halftime show. The Rolling Stones? WTF? I mean...this is Motown, fools. If you were going to rock, you could at least have gotten the Nuge and Kid Rock, right?

EDIT So much for that - TV can't pull in any kind of a signal, so I'm going to listen to it on the AM Radio. Oh well.
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What is this "hip" thing you speak of?

I saw this on Mitch's site first, but I also saw Margaret at Our House's responses, so you can split the credit as you will. Doubt I would have picked up the magazine and read the article, because the "hipsters" they're profiling tend to be, as Mitch noted, yesterday's news almost as soon as the article hits the press, and because I'm nobody's idea of hip. Unless there's some star-struck otaku who saw me at Opening Ceremonies last year and said to themselves: "I wanna be like him." If so, I can only say, "Kid, get help."

For amusement purposes only...
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