January 28th, 2006

dead wombat

How can I be freezing when it's 70 in here?

OMFG, that was one of the worst nights of my life not involving the ex-wife or severe physical trauma. I woke up at 0300 and again at 0500 shuddering with cold, and after making sure I was completely covered with bedding I realized that something had gone very badly wrong. I managed to get up and fix myself a mug of tea, but that didn't help much; only after I scarfed down a carton of yogurt did the shakes start to go away. I still feel achy and wonder if it wasn't some damn virus, since my blood sugar was over 200. Needless to say, I don't feel much like going out.

UPDATE I slept most of the day, eating a little bit after I made the original post, again (ramen and tea) when I got up a little after four, and just now at 8:30 (sandwich and milk). Tylenol is dulling the aches, and I'm thinking I might just be able to handle the staff meeting tomorrow, depending on how I feel in the morning.