January 23rd, 2006

Boss Coffee

Quick Monday hits

Didn't sleep well last night for a number of reasons, none of them political but some of them related to AD drama, which I will state for the record I hate with a passion. People are people, though, they get stressed, they miss things they should have seen, or they read things into plain text and here comes the drama. Then must I put my Friendly Reassuring Chief Wombat Hat on and assure everyone that I love them and their departments all equally. No matter how much I yearn to paddle them and send them to bed without their pocky. Nobody ever said being chairman was supposed to be fun 24x7.

Adding to my joy is the death of the WiFi card this weekend sometime, which meant I had to run out and get a replacement today and now have yet another receipt for redmartel. I have this image of him swimming in a vault full of receipts a la Scrooge McDuck when this is all over and we run the numbers.

First King's wife, then danae on Sunday, and today windelina. Makes you wonder if there's some sex-linked automotive disorder striking down local womens' vehicles.

LGEN Hayden, formerly known as Daddy DIRNSA, throws down at the National Press Club. Journalistic fuckwittery ensues. I have avoided commenting on this whole NSA flap up to now, but I want to point out that James Bamford knows better than to accuse the NSA of violating Americans' privacy. Anyone even vaguely familiar with the NSA's ambit, as Bamford surely is, knows that any communications with one end overseas are fair game and always have been. Snooping on signals inside the USA, however - strictly forbidden. That's not what's happening here, though, no matter how much the New York Times wants to believe otherwise.

Finally, in between doing month-end balancing tasks I managed to get things straight with the Marriott regarding our overflow rooms and am following up on some other hotel issues that relate to consuite, treasury u.s.w. but those won't be wrapped up until the end of the week, if then. We'll see; Kendra's pretty efficient.