January 20th, 2006

Boss Coffee

I didn't realize this was one of those holidays where you got presents

I had mentioned to our admin that my chair could use a little cleaning & reupholstering, since I'd been sitting in it for several years. Lo and behold, when I came back to work this Tuesday the comfortable old chair had been replaced by one of these newfangled $499 Aeron chairs. So how is it?

Well, it's probably better for my back than its predecessor; it doesn't recline and it forces me to keep my feet flat on the floor -or propped up, lest I slide forward and fall out. The lumbar back support is pretty nice, too. On the other hand, it clearly wasn't built for someone my size. Its plastic (albeit well-ventilated) seat is vaguely bucket-shaped; alas, my bucket is too wide and so the seat leaves dents on my outer thighs. Ow.
So on balance, it's not as crappy as the regular chairs around here (which aren't suitable for someone in my weight class anyway) but it's not the super-cushy judge's chair I'm going to buy myself someday after I get all caught up on my bills.

It's been slow enough today at the Evil Banking Neighbor that I finished the PowerPoint presentation for class tonight and downloaded the bus schedule I'll need to get to class. After class, most of the options seem to involve coming back downtown and catching a 535 out to the P&R after 10 PM or, if I get out early enough, catching a 535 to 76th & Knox and walking a quarter-mile south to the Park & Ride. Which would actually be better for me. We'll see how it works out.
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