January 19th, 2006


Laying the groundwork

Finally got around to tying up one of the loose ends left by my father's death a little over five years ago, which I really should have done immediately after I got back from Washington last month, but there was too much going on. In addition, I was...uneasy about handling his death certificate. It brings back some emotional memories that felt like they happened to someone else at the time they actually happened, but it's been long enough that it doesn't hurt any more. It just makes me feel uneasy. At any rate, I managed to get the account numbers from Delta so that I could compose the cover letter promptly and fax it and the death certificate to Atlanta. Without the certificate, it would have cost me a fair amount of cash to shift those miles; with it, just a few minutes feeling ill at ease as I ran the document through the fax. In about a week the miles will move and I can book my flight.

Meanwhile, at home, I wound up not doing the laundry or going to Coffee Cauldron. The former fell off the schedule due to inertia and a realization that I have an assload of Casual Day stickers, and the latter since phoenixalpha was off playing Exalted with redmartel and the gang, and I don't have a real reason to go there if she's not going to be there. I wound up surfing through various Tory blogs and chortling over the impending doom of the Grits before becoming bored and settling down for an hour of Civicrack before bedtime. Scientific progress is all well and good, but I think I'm going to have to lay some serious thrashing on the Incas if the American nation is going to avoid getting crushed between the Incas and the Iroquois.

And so to lunch.
The General

I'll have a stuffed Thunderbird, thank you.

Got the word today that the Thunderbird is booked to the gunwales with otaku, NWA aircrew, staff and guests. Yay! We now get to work on filling the additional 120 rooms that our sales rep blocked for us at four other hotels. Be interesting to see how many of those we fill, and which ones - will people pay extra to stay at the closer, more pricey Marriott and Fairfield Inn, or will they prefer the inexpensive but distant rooms at the Microtel and Days Inn West?

Now comes the hard part - entertaining all those people and making sure they don't hang out in the hallways so they don't give the Fire Marshal a coronary.