January 13th, 2006


Fool moon

Considering how much cheaper shrimp is at the store than in restaurants, I need to start buying more bags of shrimp and doing the shrimp cocktail thing. OMG that was good. Yes, I ate the entire damn bag. ~30 large shrimp with cocktail sauce. I was HUNGRY.

Anyway, no posting from work since I was jumping through my butt most of today. I've been avoiding making changes to the cost center and product databases until after the annual rollover, which is now done. Thus, today I reaped the whirlwind of work blown in by the wind of (justified) procrastination. Which is why I was late to class tonight, although that worked out okay too. This class looks like there's going to be a lot more to it than the previous iteration. I guess that shouldn't be too surprising since it's been, what, two years since I took the last one? More like three, I'm thinking.

For once, Friday the 13th was not my lucky day. The Evil Banking Neighbor offered a paryoll advance* to its wage slaves to help us adjust to the pay period shift -we're going from twice-monthly paychecks to every-other-Friday checks- but mine apparently didn't kick in, and as a consequence of this my rent check bounced. Great. Well, my student loan ought to materialize sometime in the next couple of weeks, so I guess I can take normal advances against my pay to tide me over. While we're on the topic of pay screwups, the reason I didn't get my STD pay is that my timecard got filled out wrong for the second week I was out. Now my supervisor will have to file a payroll amendment...once she gets back from moving her father into a hospice, which isn't something I'd wish on anyone.

Since class let out early, I'm feeling pleasantly full and a bit tired after this week's alarums & excursions, I think I'll start my three-day weekend by going to bed early.

*to be repaid over the remaining paydays of the years as opposed to coming immediately out of the next paycheck, as normal advances do.