January 12th, 2006


Hey, is that the weekend on the horizon, Admiral Columbus?

Last night I drove phoenixalpha and Cowzilla to the registration meeting, where all bore witness to the awesomeness that is piman's glorious new Registration Database. It still needs a couple of minor tweaks, but is about 500% better than I was expecting and truly shiny besides. So, big ups to piman and to danae who picked him to build it. Not so big ups to danae's friend who reconfigured her laptop so it could connect to his Highly Secure Network and forgot to unconfigure it so it could talk to wifi networks in the rest of the universe, which made it useless for the meeting since the Happy Shiny Database is on piman's server and you have to be able to get onto the Internets to use it. All we need now is some sustained thrashing on the forms, of which there are still many many hundreds to be entered, and more in the pipeline. Thrash, my pretties, thrash! ^_^

Woke up this morning to discover that somewhere between hoovering the hosts file, running AdAware, and installing the Latest Greatest Patented Malware Exciser from Chairman Bill, the Deskpro is back to its former efficient self, with Firefox smoothly opening to My Yahoo and zooming to Google without getting all hung up and timing out. Haven't checked Cowzilla yet; got home around 10:30 PM last night and went to bed about 45 minutes later without setting up ye studly laptop. I have the feeling that it, too, will be okay when I fire it up tonight.

Tonight, more expelling of garbage into the Outer Darkness; tomorrow night, the second bout with Technology in the Classroom. Friday night classes. Ugh. At least I can look forward to HALO on Saturday. w00t!
Get the message

Unfortunately, failure is in fact an option.

Especially for YOU. I've been mulling this over after talking with my mother about my nieces, who don't seem to have grasped the concept of downward mobility as it applies to them personally, and with my daughter, who with predictable schadenfreude* is noting the presence of some former classmates who appear to have bombed out of the U and are now wandering the campus of Normandale Community College trying to figure out how they fell of the gravy train.

Hopefully most of you on my F-list don't need this advice, born as it is from pretty depressing and unpleasant experience, but now and again I see flashes of wrongheadedness among some of you, and because you are my friends I want to impart this advice before I get hit by a bus or die of some stray bacterium because I didn't properly moisturize or some other damnfool thing.

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*Yeah, we're pretty fond of that emotion, and we're probably going to hell because of it. At least it won't be the Special Hell, though, and I'm pretty sure I can get early release to Purgatory due to extenuating circumstances and mitigating factors.

Uncle Sam says your shower has to suck.

Stand up for freedom in your shower! Hack your shower head!

This act of rebellion brought to you from Canada (!) courtesy of the Meatriarchy, which also has a cool post about haggis and Iron Age Pork. I gotta say, that haggis actually looks pretty damn tasty, like a big roll of meat loaf ready to stick in the oven. Maybe I ought to get something to tide me over until dinner...
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