January 10th, 2006


The Grad Student Reloaded

Well, they didn't throw me out, but it was close. Right now I have a GPA of 2.1, barely above the minimum permissable 2.0 and well below the 3.0 where they're willing to recommend you for a student teaching position. Which isn't really relevant in my case since I'm no longer pursuing a Minnesota license, but I suppose they could refuse to write me a letter of recommendation or something. Whatever.
There are four classes I need to retake, two of which will be taken this term: Technology in the Classroom and Assessment. I'm hoping to sit down with the Assessment teacher and just take the damn final after I turn in a set of questions, since this'll be my third time through the course. The first class cratered since the final was on the same day as the first Anime Detour Teardown Follies, the second fell victim to the same thing (AD2005 version) but this one, THIS ONE ends on April 10 so it won't fall victim to that little problem! Technology in the Classroom was actually kind of interesting; I feel doubly stupid for not having finished this one off since all I had to do was finish putting up a website. I mean, a few minutes of bashing out HTML and twiddling the arcane interface of their server, and I would have been good, but nooooo. Anyway, if all this works out I might well take a shot at finishing the program after all, though I like the idea of blitzing the three Praxis II exams I need to take and getting a Provisional license to teach in Fairfax County so I can get my Virginia certification via the alternative route. I've been a non-traditional student for my entire college career except for that one year at PGCC - why would I want a normal teaching certificate?

Cranked out another loaf of bread last night, substituting milk for the water & nonfat dry milk powder in the standard recipe and throwing in an egg for good luck. The crust could be considered a blunt object, as in blunt force trauma, but the crumb or webbing is to die for. I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get the glass jar of yeast after the next loaf, but after that I can refill it at a co-op for cheap, so it'll be worth it.
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I remember the Goldwater Administration...and then I wake up.

Every time Teddy the Pretender opens his mouth these days, I am reminded of R. Emmett Tyrrell's remark that had his brothers lived, Teddy might have gone on to live in happy obscurity as a Boston publican. Instead, he molders on in the Senate as a living testament to the dangers of alcoholism. However, his latest clownish flub does serve as a teachable moment. We hear a lot about "Goldwater Republicans", the libertarian wing of the party that's indifferent to the abortion question and openly supportive of gays, and so is often contrasted to the Christian/Social Conservatives in the party.

Turns out Barry Goldwater didn't fit the description of a Goldwater Republican until well after he left the Senate, and his 1964 Presidential campaign had a lot more in common with Reagan and Bush the Younger than a lot of pundits these days would like to admit. There's an interesting essay by Claremont University professor of government Andrew Busch on the Goldwater myth that takes a long look at morality and the 1964 campaign. Worth reading if you like your history with a dash of accuracy.

Via Power Line.