January 9th, 2006

The General

Looking back at Epiphany

This was a pretty strange weekend for me, but hopefully it'll serve as a model for all the weekends this year in that I didn't stay up late (except for Sunday, kind of) got up early on Saturday and Sunday, and thus maintained the same schedule I keep during the week. Which is good for me in a number of ways; I need to develop better daily routines like this so I don't get all tired out, stressed out, and thus more prone to stupidity and/or illness, since the stupidity usually leads to illness, and I am at a point where illness could quite possibly kill me if I got waylaid by the wrong bacillus or virus.

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Boss Coffee

Can't get there from here

Ah, the wonders of the Internets. Since the first of the year, I've been completely unable to reach google.com from either of my home computers, and can only reach netscape.com from Cowzilla - which is really damn strange, since both Cowzilla and Deskpro are using the same Time Warner pipe out to the world, and in fact Cowzilla has to fumble for the wireless signal off the router. It's pretty damn annoying. I already tried clearing the cache on Firefox and flushing all the temporary Internet files, but that hasn't helped any. I'd think it was something specific to Firefox, but M$FT's Internet Exploder is having the same problems. Anyone have any suggestions?