January 1st, 2006


And now that my sleep cycle is totally upgefuckt...

As a wonderful example of the wisdom of delegation, the AD NYE party was all set up and rolling by the time I got there with the hard drive - redmartel and stuckintraffik had already brought in munchies and pop, ordered pizza, set up the Room Party Kit, and blown up the new amp. (It was obviously defective.) This allowed me to do what I do best, i.e show up late sit in the corner and schmooze. Most of the staff showed up, if only briefly (some of them did have other commitments, which is cool) and everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves. I'm surprised I stayed until 3 AM, myself, since I had had a long day in the classroom and at the range, but I closed out the party along with tj_striker, acdragonmaster, Jeff Stenzel, and jamestrainor, who was waiting for me to give him a lift home. phoenixalpha and Scott were passed out in the adjoining room, having decided that it made more sense to crash there than drive home and come back in the morning to move the new speakers.

Then I went home, grabbed a snack, and went to bed. I'd intended to get up at 10 AM and go help move speakers, but either I slept through the alarm or killed it before rolling over and going back to sleep. Either way, I didn't get up until 5 PM. I'd like to completely waste the day by going back to bed (I'm not sick, not even really tired, just feeling very very lazy) but I need to go out, get some groceries and refill some prescriptions, and put some gas in the Kia. I'll do a Big Ol' Retrospective post later today, unless I decide to be completely lazy and put it off until tomorrow.
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