December 23rd, 2005

dead wombat

"If this movie's your fault. You made it suck."

Finished the Christmas shopping at Best Buy last night, and also picked up a copy of Serenity, which strangely enough was not on the display with the rest of the DVDs that had come out this week, but was buried back in the SF section. Bastages. I probably should have waited to buy the DVD, or better yet not bought it at all, since I've already seen the movie five times and money is going to be tight these next three months. Still...I want to see a sequel, or maybe even a second season, and if picking up the DVD will help even a little bit, then I'm in. I didn't watch the whole thing last night - just the final fight in Mr. Universe's backup transmitter room, and some of the commentary track for the opening scenes. The commentary, along with the rest of the extras, is worth the price of the DVD all by itself.

I also made the time to watch the pilot episode, finally, and it was GOOOOOD.

Still sick with the cold or flu or whatever's afflicting me, but not feeling quite as bad as I did this rate I should be completely healthy and hale no later than Epiphany. More drugs, more warm liquids...
dead wombat

Good intentions gone astray

Well, they let us go early today, and I skied out of work at 4:15 with every intention of heading straight home, eating some ramen, and going to bed, but it didn't work out that way. What I did was stop at Gyropolis for a couple of gyros on the way home and then wasted five hours reading Trouble Windows, dealing with e-mail, and browsing through Morison's The Northern Voyages when Deskpro got slow.

I'm going to take it easy this weekend and do as little as possible. I do need to do laundry, and I guess I'll deal with that in the morning before I head over to Chez stuckintraffik since I'm sure they'd appreciate it if I showed up in clothes that didn't smell. Book reviews and pictures from the trip East can wait. Meanwhile, it's 2200 and time to take a NyQuil like I should have done hours ago.