December 20th, 2005

dead wombat

Paying for my fun

Well, I suppose it was inevitable that I was going to get sick as a result of this weekend's festivities. Bah. My throat is sore, my neck slightly swollen, I have a non-productive cough, and my forehead feels a little bit too warm. Fortunately I have very little planned - revolutionaryjo is coming over to borrow Close Range, and I have to wash some shirts for tomorrow, but otherwise I can just crawl into bed early. Maybe I'll run out to Walmart for some groceries and some cold medications. Maybe I'll go over to the New Century and get something blistering hot to shovel down my gullet. We'll see.

I need to do some Christmas shopping, but for the most part I can take care of that by picking up gift cards for people; my brother will get his present probably before Christmas, but that's okay. So I have plenty of time before 12/24 to get the shopping done.

Also on the to-do list: calling St. Mary's this week before they shut down for the holidays and seeing if I'm persona non grata or whether they're willing to let me finish my incomplete work and move on with the program. I also need to look at my budget and figure out whether I can realistically afford to go back to DC in February. I'm thinking it's doable, since I'm burning the last of the Delta SkyMiles and I can probably use Mom's car if I put gas in it, but I may have to watch my spending like a hawk otherwise. There are also range fees and ammo to consider, since I definitely plan on heading over to BRA next time.

Well, enough of this. Time to go home.