December 5th, 2005


Off the plane and into the trenches

Got up this morning at 0400, realized this was not going to work, and went back to bed for an hour, after which I got back up, dressed, threw the remaining stuff into various bags, and headed downstairs to get a taxi, since the hotel's shuttle didn't start running until 0600. That would do me no good since I needed to be at Reagan National by 0545. The taxi got me to the airport with plenty of time to spare, and in contrast to the hassles of MSP, the NWA folks at National checked me and my pistol-laden baggage in without any fuss or muss. The TSA screening was quick and efficient, and so I was into the gate area with plenty of time to get an expensive (if healthy) breakfast and sit around watching AMVs until the gate agent announced that the flight was being delayed to wait for one of the flight attendants. She finally showed up half an hour late, elbowing past the passengers in the boarding tube and doing wonders for Northwest's already scabrous public image.

Despite the coffee I'd had with breakfast, I nodded out as soon as the plane was of the ground. This Airbus seemed more roomy than the one I'd been on Friday, and I stayed asleep with minimal tossing & turning until the plane landed at MSP, where the pilot lugubriously announced that the temperature was "...1 degree Fahrenheit, -17 degrees Celsius." Welcome back to the Ninth Circle, folks. I left my suitcase for later pickup, since having the pistols at the office would be a firing offense, and headed into town on the LRT, where I got stuck into the work of the day.

Tonight I'm going to go home, unpack, shower, and have an early bedtime. I'll pick up the suitcase on the way, and depending on how I feel I may refuel the Kia and eat dinner before I get home. We'll see.
I felt pretty happy and relaxed for most of the day, but the fatigue is catching up with me now.
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I can't leave you people alone for three lousy days, can I?

When I left for DC on Friday, the average price of unleaded here in Bloomington was $1.97. When I refueled tonight, it was $2.25.

I don't know WTF you people were doing all weekend, but STOP IT. It's shameful that gas costs more here than it does in Washington DC, a city run by crackheads, Congressmen, and morons who vote for the former as a protest against not being able to vote for the latter.