November 30th, 2005


Taking it to (and off) the streets

Jeff Jarvis observes another local e-pinion site and questions whether it'll succeed where others fail, citing the difficulty of getting people to contribute their opinions and whether those people can be trusted to give useful opinions. He thinks the way to go is something that aggregates such content from blogs, and it's hard to argue with the man. To a certain extent, one's LJ friends page does this, but it's not nearly that organized. It would be one thing local newspapers could do - poll their readers on local likes & dislikes, point people at local blogs that do that kind of reviews.

Cobb tees off on the Coalition of the Damned WRT the impending (and well-deserved) execution of Crips founder Tookie Williams. He also has some positive feedback for the Bruce Willis/Michael Yon Deuce Four flick, which could be the blockbuster Hollyweird was hoping Jarhead would be.

On a related Sandbox topic, Michelle Malkin recaps the latest stupidity from and the clumsy attempted recovery.

Finally, Fred has been on a roll this month. You the man, Gallagher. Accept it and keep on playing that shojo music, dude.
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The value of a college education

Jane Galt talks about what a college education is really worth these days - her take on it is that it's more of a signaling mechanism of good work habits and the ability to work well with others than an actual indication of marketable skill. This follows a post by her fellow blogger Winterspeak on the same topic.

One thing that bothers me about the studies they cite on these things (expected income and all that) is that we never see a breakdown of categories. The anecdotal evidence is fairly strong that many college students are wasting their money going into liberal arts majors -which have pretty much zero market value- instead of just working their way up through the ranks to that assistant manager's job at Hardee's/Checker's/Popeye's. I suspect that what goes on with these studies is that the income of accounting, engineering, pre-law and pre-med majors really pulls up the mean income, so that even the worthless Engllish and Fine Arts degrees appear to be worth spending all the zoobs on. Long time readers of my LJ know that I think the current practice of trying to get all high school kids on the college prep track is a very bad idea, and studies like this one just make me sad, because they get misused to convince a lot of people to waste time and money on college when they could be off making money and being happier unclogging toilets, fixing tanks or trucks, or killing people/breaking things for their Uncle Sam. It has always struck me as significant that the two wealthiest men I know are both college is the wealthiest man in America.
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