November 28th, 2005


Travel preparations

Part of the reason I didn't finish both data entry batches last night was that I was too distracted by hotel and rental car searches. I have to admit that as much as I despise Minnesota, it is definitely superior to Northern Virginia WRT wireless hot spots. You can't check into a Days Inn or Motel 8 in the Land of 10,000 Taxes without doing a faceplant into a banner proclaiming the free wi-fi available in every nook and cranny of your lodging, but good luck finding any hotel in Arlington or Alexandria with the wi-fi. Also, there's a pretty radical split between fleabags on New York Avenue north of RFK and expense-account joints in the Crystal City/Rosslyn zone. There are some mid-market places in Alexandria and some really cheap suites out by Dulles, but I can't quite bring myself to pay $80 a night for a Days Inn, and the idea of driving all the way out to Herndon to crash after a day with family and friends doesn't appeal to me much. I have some time to make up my mind, but it sure seems like I have to strike a difficult balance between inexpensive, decent, and convenient.

Other things I have to do before I go: pick up a hard-shell pistol case and a Samsonite suitcase, since I can't very well stick Masha in my laptop bag, with or without ammunition, and the notion of putting the pistol case in my soft-sided rolling bag strikes me as a really Bad Idea. Besides, the larger suitcase will allow me to pack the nose hose and still have room for three days' change of clothes, which I'll definitely need since I'm going from the airport directly to work on Monday.

I already started the ball rolling on opening an account with SunTrust (I'd go with Bank of America, but for one thing they probably remember me from the last time I had an account with them, and for another, I'm working for their competition and that just wouldn't be right) so that all I need to do is drop by their Lee Highway office, drop some cash on them, and by 12/16 I ought to have a local ATM/debit card so as to avoid getting nailed from both sides for ATM use fees. In the meantime, I'll manage. It's just one weekend.

In the real world of the Evil Banking Neighbor, I've pretty much finished my work for the day but I'm stuck here until 5 PM anyway. So I'm really busy with my stuff, not theirs. ^^
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Monday afternoon linkagery

Colby Cosh is en fuego with a collection of interesting links to stories ranging from the serious to the extremely silly; he tops this Herculaean effort with his post on the Metallica movie. For those who care, he also has some thick, meaty posts on the Grey Cup, the CFL's version of the Super Bowl.

Meanwhile, Glenn Reynolds says Iraq is Vietnam, all right - in reverse. Follow-on posts on troop morale then and now, the bitter reaction of Iraq War vets to the way the MSM distort the story, and related topics..

On a lighter note, geeky Christmas wish lists, complete with a plug for Thinkgeek.