November 27th, 2005

dead wombat

The secret ingredients are mobility and firepower

I did make it to huladavid's moving party yesterday, even if I was an hour late and neither my boxes nor my tape gun were necessary. The Sportage, however, was, since it helped the assembled mob (jolest, Jeanne, Jeff P., Val, the other Jeff, and a handful of other folks) get everything moved in one swell foop. I wasn't much use otherwise since the stairs up to huladavid's apartment kicked my ass. I did wind up with a bag of stuffed animals that I'll be trying to find new homes for - I thought Toys for Tots would be a possibility but ISTR that they only take new toys. True? Untrue? I'll have to look and see. Anyhow, after all the stuff was unloaded I wound up going over to Jeff and Val's and hanging out for conversation, dinner, and more conversation until Val headed off to bed at 2200, at which point I and the other remaining guest (Keith?) decided it was finally time to leave.

So I refueled the truck, checked my voice mail only to discover too late I'd been invited to thaadd's place for LAN gaming, and decided to go see Serenity at the Riverside. I'd never been there before, I was in the neighborhood, and it was only $3, so what the hell? Killed time filling up the Kia and hanging out at the Riverside coffee and wine bar eating and drinking things mildly bad for me, then went over to the theater and hung out waiting for the show to start. Ran into danae and cthuljew there and spoke briefly to both of them; also saw 433 and prostitutes but didn't say much more than "Hi!". The movie was excellent, but affected me much more (and differently) this time than the first two times that I'd seen it. A movie like Serenity is like a good book; every time you see it , it reveals a different facet of itself to you. I still think the Operative is one of the greatest characters in the movie, and the resemblance between Mal and Han Solo is stronger than ever - yet there's a sad brokenness to his relationship with Inara that's totally lacking in the freebooting Corellian.

I stayed through the closing credits in order to hear all the music and then went home to post this, which popped into my head nearly complete towards the end of the movie. Sleep ensued. Today: replacement of headphones, laundry, acquisition of milk, and a possible expedition to points as yet unknown so that Scott and phoenixalpha can acquire a beater to substitute for the TransSport, which is still dead. And data entry, of course. It's due tomorrow, after all.
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Oh, and NOW you're offended?

Because I have a passing interest in keeping an eye on some parts of the lunatic fringe ("I'll take 'People Who Learned Nothing From History' for $100, Alex.") I was aware of these people long before they became of interest to the national media.

Dean Esmay nails it. This kind of stupidity is not exactly new, nor is it limited to the "extreme right" by any means.

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My version of a winter getaway

Well, the fix is in - RS donated some of his NWA miles, so I'll be popping down to DC Friday afternoon and coming back early Monday morning....early enough that I can probably just make up the time later next week instead of having to take another half-day off without pay. Aside from going to the range in Chantilly with RS (presumably on Saturday) and visiting my mother, brother and nieces (probably on Sunday during the day) I don't have any plans, so if you want to get some face time with me drop me a line and we'll talk about how we're going to work this. If it doesn't work out for you this weekend, I'll be coming back on the weekend of the 16th. Okay? Okay!
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