November 25th, 2005


When Black Friday comes

I am not going anywhere near the Sprawl or any other shopping mall, because those people are fucken' crazy. Driving in to work this morning through the snow (1-3 inches, so what?) I heard Bob Davis on the radio, marveling at the lunatics who had been waiting since 0130 for the doors to open at the Sprawl so they could get a $10 gift card. Sweet Bleeding Jeebus. That's not even $2 an hour, people. At least all those people were out in the 'burbs; the drive in to work this morning was smooth and easy with no slowdowns or problems, and the ramp at the Gaviidae was blessedly empty.

Today is going to be pretty light on work, which gives me plenty of time to fiddle with Travelocity and see if I can figure out how to get home to DC sometime next month without utterly bankrupting myself. A couple of my friends are helping out with this, but that's no reason not to try and do it on the cheap. So far it looks like I can get a flight and hotel package for about $300 without either having to pack Masha in the checked baggage in order to fight off the crackheads, sleep on the couch at Mom's, or drive in from Baltimore. Much depends on whether I can in fact use all the leftover frequent flyer miles from Delta that Mom & Dad can't/won't use - apparently I can, but I need some information that I don't have right now. was yesterday's feast? Pretty good. I played chauffeur for huladavid and jamestrainor; redmartel had arrived earlier. We managed to avoid talking shop for the most part, which was also good. ^^ Dinner was excellent, although since I had wound up with the bulk of the cooking utensils Scott was reduced to trying to carve the extremely moist turkey with a normal fork, which didn't actually work too well. Potatoes were great, as was the gravy; the yams had apparently vanished somewhere in the kitchen, and we got too stuck into the main course to remember the squash. Oops. I thought the stuffing had too many mushrooms, but I was in the minority; as for dessert, the Marie Callendar pies were very good, as was the carrot cake redmartel brought. I didn't have any of the chocolate cheesecake phoenixalpha baked, but apparently it was extremely dense and rich, which is the way cheesecake ought to be. (Call me a philistine, but I prefer not to mix chocolate and cheesecake.)Things broke up about 8 PM after we watched Castle In the Sky, which was one of the first anime the kids has seen (I had brought home a fansub of it along with Kiki's Delivery Service on phoenixalpha's 12th brthday) and some of And Now For Something Completely Different. I dropped my pasengers off, went home and washed dishes, took medication, and went to bed around 2300.

Slept in until 0700 by accident (the alarm clock had become unplugged) but made it into work with plenty of time to spare because I drove in. Plans for the weekend include helping huladavid move tomorrow, getting together with redmartel to do some long-delayed wargaming, and thrashing on some data entry that's due Monday night. It's only 201 pages with 2-4 records per page, so I figure tonight and Sunday ought to do it.
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And now a few words on economics

Jane Galt discusses the stagnation of the American median wage and the reasons why it's happening. The concluding paragraph is, as usual for her, exactly on point:

The government could shoot illegal immigrants on sight, force women out of the labour market, curtail trade, and slow the pace of technology growth so as to reduce the return on skilled labour. But these are not good things for the government to be doing. Making the country as a whole poorer in order to reduce income inequality doesn't sound to me like a good idea. I realise that many liberal commentators claim that they can do this without sacrificing growth. But I don't see how.

I don't see how the government could do any of those things, moonbats who think The Handmaid's Tale is just around the corner to the contrary. We can't even get a supposedly conservative , pro-national security Administration to close off the Mexican border or PNG all those obnoxious Mexican consuls who seem to have forgotten who won the 1847 war. RTWT, and particularly the comments; there are some interesting ones in there.
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Bias and/or perspective

Jeff Jarvis over at has a wise and thoughtful response to this piece by Vaughn Ververs over at the CBS News blog Public Eye. Ververs seems to be confusing partisanship with bias, prejudice with sympathy, and I think that's a product of his location inside the NYDCLA news media zone, where most people can't get two sentences out of their mouths without imparting some spin to it while simultaneously insisting that they're being "objective", which everyone here in Flyover County knows damn well is bullshit. What we can't seem to agree on is whether they're spinning it on behalf of the Commie Pinko Defeatist Running Dogs or the Fascist Digital Brownshirt Minions of Darth Rove.

At least Ververs (and hopefully his bosses) are admitting there's a bias at work, although they're still fumbling towards figuring out how to come out of their ideological closet and be honest about themselves and who they support.

This is just sad.

Ann Althouse is getting shot up from the right and the left these days, which unfortunately seems to be the fate of moderates in these polarized times. The Pajamas Media/OSM/Pajamas Media folks seem to have gone into hypersensitive rabid attack poodle mode ever since Professor A criticized them for things they themselves are trying to fix now; the latest blowup seems to be over her fairly mild criticism (if you can even call it that) of PM's Thanksgiving Parade liveblogging and related tightening of comment policing on the Professor's blog.

As for the yahoos at Daily Kos, sounds like the same hypocrisy on a different day as they defend their right to be as racist and sexist as they wanna be, because it's all just funny masks they wear in the comment section as a big inside joke. Ann exposes the stupidity of that argument, and ruminates that the Democrats went a long way towards killing off honest feminism in the Clinton years. All that's left are the "bitches" now, if you'll forgive my use of GULAG thieves' slang.

UPDATE: Once again, I e-mail a big-name blogger and get spotlighted. I wound up creating a place for myself on Blogger so I could comment over at Chez Althouse, but I don't see myself doing anything over there except pointing people back here. Maybe later when I can spend some time on generating mad bags of cash on the Internets, whenever the heck that'll be.
die now

This kind of service is why you people deserve to die.

Well, that was slightly more pleasant than a root canal. As you may recall from my morning post, there's a possibility that I can use Mom & Dad's frequent flyer miles on Delta to go home for a couple of weekends next month, and lo, this turns out to be the case. Unfortunately Delta is charging me $60 to get the first ticket using Mom's miles, and they want me to cough up another $200 to combine Dad's remaining miles with Mom's to cover the second one. Service fees, you know...and there will probably be more fees to get the second ticket. Now, I may be new to this frequent flyer thing, but I was under the impression that these were rewards for regular customers. What kind of reward is it when you have to pay money to use the damn things or pass them to family? Maybe I could dodge the fees by forking out a death certificate, a copy of the will, and other fun crap to Delta, but by the time I'm done with all that codswallop I might as well just head over to Travelocity and catch a flight on AirTran instead. At least AirTran will fly me into Dulles in a real airplane and not one of these third-party commuter jet puddle-jumpers built by Canadair, Embraer, Airbus or some other Third World airplane company.

*shakes head* Honestly, people. You're in the business of making people happy. This is not the way to do it, and at this point you're on my list of "Companies who need to find their way to the tar pits and climb in so other people can do the job they were supposed to." Right next to Northwest Airlines. Die, die, die.
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