November 21st, 2005


Agonizing reappraisal

I should probably wait to do this until I've had more sleep (like, tomorrow) but since I haven't missed a whole weekend of LJ entries since September (due to Anime Iowa) I think I ought to deal with it today. Besides, it was a fairly quiet weekend.

Saturday was the busy day of the weekend: I slept in and managed to miss the first part of huladavid's moving party, but made it to the Sheraton in time for the programming brainstorming meeting. That went really well - there were, as one attendee commented, more ideas than they could use in two years' worth of conventions. The brainstorming segued into a consuite department meeting that I wasn't originally on the list for, but I said to petsnakereggie that since I was there anyway and had missed the last meeting I really should show up for this one. This meeting was mercifully short, which was just as well since I was starting to feel tired and a bit light-headed by the end of it. Dinner at Q.Cumbers ensued, after a brief detour to Half Price Books where I picked up a copy of Bruce Catton's This Hallowed Ground and Chris Bunch's Firemask.

Sunday was spent on laundry, a (very) little bit of shopping, filling out my FAFSA for the winter term, downloading AMVs, and farting around with Civ III. Later in the evening I discovered that the portable hard drive of the Room Party Kit doesn't work with the Deskpro. *shrug*

The reappraisal part has to do with what I'm going to do with myself for the next couple of years.
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Finally, people have been urging me to get the Rebel Baseball Review back up and running as a website, which isn't going to be very practical unless I have relatively empty summer months in which I can work on doing the necessary writing and number crunching.

All of these things take time, time that I could spend on something that looks kind of like a social life. What I do know is that I should probably think about all this some more after I've had a decent night's sleep.