November 18th, 2005

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Murtha and Petain

Captain Ed refers to Marshal Petain in his dismissal of Congressman Murtha (D-PA) and his call for withdrawal from Iraq. Murtha's overwrought "chickenhawk" accusations against Vice-President Cheney aside, I agree that Ed's got a point there. Petain's surrender in 1940 was caused mainly by his concern for the French Army, which could have continued fighting at the cost of more casualties, a cost which Petain, well known for his concern for the troops, was not willing to pay.

Now, it's not really fair to compare Petain's horrific experiences in World War I as commander at Verdun to Murtha's tour of duty in Vietnam; it's a tremendous disservice to the old Marshal. However, one can see the similarity. Ed and others are also right, though, to point out that Murtha has never been a hawk on the war. As Bryan Preston points out over at Michelle Malkin's place, he was against the war before he was against it.
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Twice is a coincidence?

Wow, the House Democrats have actually done something I can agree with this year, and once again Adam Bonin at Daily Kos deserves proper credit for being on point with this. Brad Miller (D-NC) and John Conyers (D-MI) have introduced HR4389, which amends the execrable Shays-Meehan-McCain-Finegold perverted immoral and fattening Act to exclude weblogs and websites. Text of HR 4389 here.

I echo Glenn Reynolds in hoping that enough conservative Republicans get on board with this so that it passes. As for the Senate, I think Lileks had it right on the Hugh Hewitt show yesterday:
At this point, I'm on board with a unicameral legislature. I'm frankly okay with just bricking up the door to the Senate entirely, and letting the lower house figure things out.

Word to the Republican Senate Campaign Committee: Not one dime, yo.