October 30th, 2005


The next time you think your life sucks...

...go read this essay and get some perspective.

I know I was supposed to get together with some folks yesterday, but I wasn't feeling all that well and couldn't find any notes in the Palm to remind me where & when I was supposed to be places. So I blew it all off, hung around the apartment, and eventually got around to going out around 2000 to fill the tank on the Sportage and get some groceries. Today I'm going to run a quick errand and then get stuck into the data entry; laundry can wait until tomorrow night.
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Blogs and punditry

Kevin M at Insomnia Report has some observations on blogosphere pundits, with particular reference to local talents Mitch Berg and Mark Gisleson. I'm not sure I agree with him on the inevitable decay into pointlessness of the blog pundit - certainly there are plenty of bloggers out there on the right and left who do a good job of speaking their mind about matters current on a daily basis, or at least pointing us in the direction of interesting items they think we ought to read, which is the particular strength of the Blogfather, though the man can write a damn fine essay too.

I do agree that the blogs which show you slices of peoples' lives and their reactions to things like books, movies, etc. are more interesting than those that engage in nonstop political ranting, and that's part of what I like about Mitch's site. It's also why I think I prefer LJ to conventional blogging - there's more of a sense of community on here, I think, and more of the human touch than you're likely to see on a regular blog. Which is why I don't mind so much not being part of the MOB, despite being at a couple of their functions and expressing interest. They're a lot more political than I am, though we have the same views on a lot of stuff. Whatever...I'm too old to be all sad because I'm not in with the in-crowd. *shrugs*

Probably the best point about the other Kevin's post is his advice to his fellow liberals to go a little easier on the ranting and bile. I don't think it's advice that's likely to be followed by a lot of them, but I do think it's encouraging that some on the left are beginning to realize they have a problem.