October 22nd, 2005


Redmond A. Simonsen, 1942-2005

Every so often as you get into middle age, you get a shock as you see that somebody you never met, but whose work you respected tremendously, has died. You realize that without what that person did, you wouldn't be who you are, because the things they did helped shape your mind. One of those people was Redmond A. Simonsen, and it's a measure of how far I've fallen from the wargaming community that I'm only now finding out that he died in March of this year.

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In othr news, the ATC Board met this morning, discussed the AD 2006 budget, getting together with the Japan-America society, and other internal issues which are probably of no interest to anyone not working on the convention...and this afternoon jamestrainor and I are heading over to thaadd's joint for some Call to Power or maybe Age of Empires. We'll see.
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