October 16th, 2005


Sunday checklist

Laundry's in the dryer.
Two more games and a couple of CDs up on eBay.
Bought one shelf at Home Depot -not a whole shelving unit, just a shelf - and lugged it up to the apartment.
Washed most of the dishes, and finally finished scrubbing out the pot I burned the baked beans in.
I'll begin hacking on the data entry after I finish this post.

Lunar Rails was pretty cool. The players were yr. humble Chief Marsupial, our hostess thaadd, her SO Don, bombastinator, who I hadn't met before in meatspace, and a young lady named Abby who I hadn't met before, period, and since most of us were unfamiliar with the game and the terrain both, things went pretty slowly...we didn't wrap up the game until after 1 AM. Playing a game where you can mark up the map without the owner maiming you is a pretty unique experience for me, although I think it might have gone better with acetate and dry-erase markers instead of crayons. *shrug* Yes, I had fun. ^^
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