October 13th, 2005


Interesting metaphor, what?

This probably wasn't what Joss had in mind: Mark Steyn saves the political analysis for the very end of his Serenity review, and as an added bonus, has some unkind things to say about the Viggo Mortenson vehicle A History of Violence. Steyn also has an excellent memorial to James Doohan, which is very much worth reading.

Via Ed Driscoll, who is largely indifferent to what may be the best SF movie this year.
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For all my Macolatrous friends

A look at a world without Windows, thanks to Loyd Case at extremetech.com. People do a lot of pissing & moaning about Windows, Microsoft and all their shortcomings, but as Jerry Pournelle points out in his essay on the Great Divorce between IBM and Microsoft, the good old days were not always good...and Case does a fine and snarky job of showing us the World Next Door where Gates lost his bet.

Via Good Morning Silicon Valley, last seen in these pages as a source for Bill Gates beefcake pics.

Opponents wanted

Any discussion of wargaming these days usually starts with Greg Costikyan's essay SPI Died For Your Sins, which comes about as close as you can get (without attractting lawyers) to accusing TSR of killing off the boardgaming hobby. Greg discusses the various reasons why boardgaming has imploded as a hobby: the advent of newer and shinier computer games, role-playing games, collectible card games...but in the end, it really all comes down to the fact that SPI provided the axis upon which the boardgaming world turned, and when it finally succumbed to a lack of business acumen in 1982, things gradually fell apart.

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More benefits from the Long Tail

It looks like Matrix Games managed to pry the Talonsoft game line loose from EA, which was doing sweet FA with it. They also have Norm Koger working on an update to The Operational Art of War, too, which should be sweet. So in the unlikely event that I ever get my bills squared away, I can get an updated copy of TOAW! Yay!

Unfortunately, the news from the gaming world isn't all good. Rest in peace, Fred.

Via ConsimWorld.
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