September 27th, 2005


So there's this naked guy sitting on a rock in the middle of the desert...

...and that's how the only episode of Firefly I've ever seen starts. So of course I'm going to a sneak preview of Serenity, the movie spinoff from that series, tonight. With any luck I'll run into qob there and have a chance to chat about the movie afterward. I do have a little more background on the movie than that, of course.
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Aside from that, I have taken a gander at the movie's website, which is indeed full of multimedia goodness and information on the characters, the universe they inhabit, and all that other cool background stuff I probably would have known if I'd been watching the telly while the show was on the air. I also have the advantage of following the Traveller Mailing List, where in between arguments on piracy, how badly Traveller: The New Era sucks, and the political taxonomy of the Vargr, people have been talking about the movie, the series, and how well it might adapt to our favorite SF RPG. So I'm not going in completely cold.

I expect it'll be better than the last movie spinoff from a TV series that I saw, the somewhat Lovecraftian X-Files: Fight The Future, but then Joss Whedon strikes me as a much better writer & producer than Chris Carter. Detailed and possibly spoiler-free review tomorrow.

Can't stop the rock^H^H^H^Hsignal

Saith qob:
First of all go see Serenity. See it several times, spend good money to see it. This is a wonderful movie and Joss Whedon needs to make more.


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They say that if Serenity draws well enough, there could be a second season of Firefly. I'd like to see that. I'd like to see that very much. So I plan on seeing this movie again. Several times. In theaters. You should too.

Grateful tip of the wombat's helmet to Professor Death and for cluing me into the free blogger passes. Had to endure some lame marketing before the show by Channel 45 and K-Dweeb, but it was well worth it.

UPDATE: Links to several reviews, almost all enthusiastic.
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