September 20th, 2005


A morning among the medics

I spent my entire morning, up through 12:30 in fact, going from one medical appointment to another. First up was physical therapy at 7:30, followed by a quick stop at home to grab some prescriptions I 'd forgotten, then a drive to St. Paul to see my family doctor, who was happy at the progress with the legs, Finally, after a short lunch break in the Apria Medical Equipment parking lot, I got fitted for support stockings, which ought to help quite a bit.

The afternoon at work was busy yet enervating. I had to rework some stuff I'd screwed up the previous day (which is never fun) and plow through the preliminary invoices, which is just tedious. Clocked out at 6 after fielding some e-mail from the CPA who will be doing the 501(c)(3) application that I and my successor as ATC treasurer have been trying to get done these last two years.

Somewhere in there I finished Hugh Thomas' The Spanish Civil War, which is the definitive English-language history and deftly balances the political and military elements of the war. I've also come to the conclusion that unpacking any more books or DVDs is useless until I get more shelving for both, since I have entirely too many books, wargames, and DVDs for the few shelves I have. Time to bite the bullet and take a couple twenties down to Wal-Mart and get some cheap bookshelves when the next paycheck somes in.
I'll actually have cash left after paying the rent for a change. Wow.
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