September 16th, 2005


Fragile tissue

This morning's PT was entirely devoted to making sure I knew how to change my own bandages, and the therapist seemed to be impressed by how well I did on my walk-through, considering that I'd only watched it being done and never actually gotten the chance to practice.

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Even allowing for accidental self-inflicted damage, the legs look pretty iffy. The swelling is down, of course, but the skin does not look good at all on either of the legs. Well, we shall see what happens. What really needs to happen is for me to stop messing with my legs, because every time I scratch them the skin opens up. Every time the skin opens up, it gives all manner of bacteria the chance to slide on in and wreak havoc, and one of these days I'm going to hit the bacterial jackpot and wind up with something that antibiotics can't stop. It's one thing to joke about swapping this crappy right leg for a stout wooden peg, but I doubt I'd find it so funny if every day was Talk Like A Pirate Day for me.
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The General

Don't be alarmed at the sound of my voice

So we have this 200GB external hard drive which houses all the AMVs for the Room Party Kit, and stuckintraffik has done most of the filling and organizing up to this point. This past weekend at AI I pillaged Ukyo's external HD for stuff we didn't have, although we didn't have a lot of stuff he was interested in on account of different tastes in anime - he and his kunoichi prefer comedy to drama and action AMVs, and we like to keep a little more of the latter on hand because some of the best AMVs are action and drama pieces. (Anyone who disagrees needs to review the work of Vic Bond and Kevin Caldwell.) Don't get me wrong, everybody loves comedy, and we could easily do 3-4 hours of Monty Python, Weird Al and AMV Hell a night, to say nothing of all the other parodies and oddball humor pieces. However, for sheer jaw-dropping technical excellence and emotional power there is nothing in the comedy genre to match Koopiskeva's Euphoria, Vic Bond's Larger Than Life (yes, done to the Backstreet Boys tune. Must be seen to be believed.) or local talent Apocalypse Incorporated's Hey Pretty. I was thinking it's not really fair to stuckintraffik to dump the responsibility for maintaining the AMV inventory on him, so I've been spending time this week leeching stuff off Kris McCormic's joint.

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