September 15th, 2005


We paint your future any color you like for $7.99

A look at the ten sexiest dystopias, the ten stupidest Utopias, and another take on Canadian World Domination. Field Marshal Don Cherry, heh. As for the Utopias and dystopias, I think the articles say a lot more about the author's political prejudices than they do about the relative merits of the various alternate futures he describes, but I'm curious about what people on my f-list think about them. (Links courtesy of the Roblog and Colby Cosh respectively.)

As for this particular current in the river of time, nothing much happening. The bandages are horrifically itchy and kept me awake for some time last night. As a result I'm pretty logy and largely inert today. Agenda for tonight includes going home, cooking some dinner, and going to bed early in anticipation of getting the damn bandages off tomorrow. Tomorrow is also casual day, so I'll throw on a T-shirt and put off laundry for another day.
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