September 6th, 2005


This week has no Tuesday or Thursday

Nope, it starts with a Monday (replacing Tuesday) followed by a normal Wednesday (truncated by a physical therapy appointment) and then Friday comes up a day early, shoving Thursday off onto the shoulder to wait for next week.

Finished unpacking the kitchen stuff yesterday, and realized that the saucepan whose lid I found in one of the boxes had been left behind, as had hangers, garbage bags, and the power supply for my Zip drive. Had I not been so burned out last Friday I might have remembered these things (as well as the folding chairs) but I didn't. Well, perhaps I'll get another shot at removing them tomorrow morning. We'll see.

In the meantime, I have over 300 books cataloged. The bookshelf built into the closet by the door is now nearly full, and the top shelf has been double-stacked with paperbacks. The old bookshelf is also almost full, though I'm not double-stacking that like I did at the old apartment. For sure, I need to invest in more booksheves. BTW, that 300 doesn't count all the Major League and Minor League Handbooks and Baseball Almanacs I picked up while working on the RBR, nor does it count manga also doesn't count duplicate copies of books. There's a stack of those slowly growing, and I'm undecided as to whether I should sell them to Uncle's or Half Price Books, or just donate them to michaellee's nascent book drive? On the one hand, I'm pretty strapped for cash in the wake of the move, but on the other, I'm doing a lot better than the refugees.
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"I've got troubles of my own," he said, "and you can't help me out..."

I don't have anything more to say about the mess down in the Gulf States. Don't have any relatives down there, and the one friend I do have in the region was sensible and left for higher, drier ground before her place got smacked. I've seen e-mail from her since Katrina hit, so I guess she's okay. Not so sure about her family, which is IIRC from down around Gulfport. She'll check in when she's good and ready.

I'm also done with partisan wrangling over what Mayor Nagin/Governor Blanco/President Bush/Lord Cthulhu coulda/shoulda/woulda done before/during/after New Orleans turned into a big sewage pit and the coastal towns in Mississippi and Alabama just vanished. Some men you just can't reach, as the Road Boss memorably said. There are plenty of people all over the blogosphere thumping those particular tubs for the Elephant and Donkey parties already, and I'm not inclined to join the chorus from here on out. Got enough on my plate already, maybe more than enough, and I really need to buckle down and tend to those things before I get all riled up again over who did what to whom when, or who failed to do it.

In other news, I'd been mulling a post on why I don't have any interest whatsoever in going to the Renaissance Festival, but I see that I don't need to write it now. James Lileks already did. Scroll down to the last paragraph, where Gnat nails it.
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You can still rock in America

I am informed by radiognome that Radio Hidebound has moved to a different hosting service due to some technical difficulties with So far the sound quality is just as good, and without the annoying advertisements flogging subscriptions.

Any of you Loyal Readers out there checked this out yet? I'm fairly pleased with the music mix, myself, and have noted a couple of bands I want to hear more of so's I can decide whether I want the CDs or not.

Tonight's Apartment Maintenance Night, since tomorrow night I need to clear out the Sportage and load the Room Party Kit for the trek to Des Moines Thursday night. I suppose I could conscript Dan into helping me with it on the way down, but best case with a fully loaded Kia puts us in Des Moines around 2230, and farting around with the RPK and the Great Can & Bottle Collection is likely to push that back to 2330 or worse. No, thank you.
So far the laundry is in the washer, the garbage is about to be bagged up and thrown out, and while the colthes are drying I'll attack the dishes. Life sure is exciting, isn't it? Weehu.