September 4th, 2005


On the first day of my summer vacation...

I slept in. Was supposed to get together with stuckintraffik, Scott, and Melody for some four-way HALO fragfest action, but what with one thing and another I didn't get over there until after 2, at which point we discovered that M&S wouldn't be there for another hour...which turned into 4-5 hours, so stuckintraffik and I blasted away at stuff in co-op mode.

After M&S showed up, we fell back on the usual Hobbesian mayhem, this time using some new maps. Lots of fun, but around 10 PM we had to call it a night so stuckintraffik could go pick up Lauren from work and Melody could head off to clean up & otherwise get ready for the night shift.

Not going to the State Fair, since I need to conserve what little cash I have for AI. Tomorrow will probably be spent laying around, washing dishes, unpacking, and maybe some swimming, depending on the weather.
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Getting organized, sort of

Spent a good part of today sleeping in and then using the compression sleeves to get the swelling in my legs down to merely ugly as opposed to "OMG they can't BE that bloated!". I spent an hour in those boogers, which helped, but I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to Wednesday's appointment with the physical therapists.

Today's unpacking objective: get all the kitchen stuff put away, get the tapes and CDs put away in the dresser that the stereo is sitting on, and throw some of the boxes and garbage out in the dumpster. I already have the desktop set up, though I can't find the power supply for the Zip drive, dammit. I also need to clean up, go over to Wal-Mart, and pick up some things that were either lost/misplaced during the move like garbage bags and dishtowels. If I have energy left after that, I'll fill the DVD rack and bookcase with stuff.
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