August 26th, 2005

Boss Coffee

Too many faces on my screen and all of them are screaming at me

Stayed up way too late last night packing and looking at useless crap on the Internet, but at least I got some packing done and threw more junk out. Unfortunately, I couldn't get into the storage locker last night so the Room Party Kit is still taking up space in the Sportage's "trunk", and the Iowa Deposit collection is doing the same in the back seat.

Since I stayed up late I slept in, which was no big deal since I was planning on driving in anyway, but unfortunately I slept in too long and didn't roll in here until 9, which means I need to stay until 6 to finish making up the time I missed earlier in the week. I'll be taking some boxes home from work and picking up some more from Borders on the way home; B&N in Edina claimed to be using all theirs for returns, which I'm pretty sure is just a polite brush-off. Meh.

Well, now that I'm done with lunch, I need to pitch into the work of the day since I actually have some. Laters.
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