August 25th, 2005


So this is Thursday

I don't know what possessed me to take the bus in to work yesterday, knowing that I had a meeting with the hotel people last night and time to make up from Tuesday, and that I could have gotten reimbursed for the parking. Be that as it may, I bused in, bused over to the Thunderbird after work, and then bused over to Normandale Village to pick up the truck, by which time it was almost 9 PM and I was completely drained of energy. No laundry done, only half a box of DVDs and books and CDs packed. At least I got plenty of exercise hiking around the hotel and to various bus stops.

Adding to the fun, the Weight Watchers software crashed my Palm last night, inflicting a fatal error that kept me from shutting it off, so this morning it's completely drained of power, and the USB cable doesn't seem to be trickling in enough power to do any good. I'll probably have to take it home and recharge it there, download the software again...I'm beginning to think it's more trouble than it's worth.

Tonight I'm probably not going to get much done either, since I have to run up to Robbinsdale to return DVDs to Video Universe, over to the storage locker to drop off the Room Party Kit, and probably somewhere else as well before I can get home and pack things up. I should probably also get a tape gun at Office Depot, since all the ones we had before seem to have gone missing. Of course.

You can have my SUV when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

As a follow-up to the immensely popular Peak Oil post from earlier in the week, I offer this post from Instapundit on why getting rid of SUVs ain't gonna happen. I've said before in comments on other peoples' LJs that the main reason we have so many SUVs around these days is because the federal fuel economy standards killed the station wagon - minivans and SUVs, which were both defined as trucks, were both exempt from the MPG requirements, and once those began selling like hotcakes, the station wagon was doomed.

There's lots of interesting links in that post, pertaining to the reasons why there's no substitute for trucks out west or minivans/SUVs in the suburbs, and why a lot of folks in the Blue states just don't get it. Also, check this post (also via Instapundit) about hybrid cars and blogs, especially WRT the successful drive by Toyota EV owners to allow more lease-end purchases of the vehicles in question.

BTW, I don't really agree with the tag "zero-emissions" for electric cars. All you're doing is pushing the emissions back up the fuel chain to the electric company, and with only 20% of the national electric supply coming from nuclear reactors, the odds are pretty good that there's some coal, gas or oil getting burned so you can recharge your batteries.

UPDATE Lynn Kiesling points out that despite the recent surge in gas prices, on average gasoline represents a smaller share of the household budget than it did in the 1970s. My personal experience is that this is very true: when I was working for High's in the late 1970s, the average price of 90 octane at Sunoco was about a dollar, which was 20% of my hourly gross wage of $5. These days, it's about $2.50 for the same gas, and that's a little over 15% of what I make at the Evil Banking Neighbor. Add in that my Kia gets better MPG than my old Corolla hemi-head, and I'm way ahead of the game.

More reasons to feel old

Beloit College has its annual Mindset List out, reminding professors in an anecdotal way of the things their freshmen take for granted about the world around them.
Some of them are pretty interesting...including the fact that this year's crop of freshmen was born in 1987, ten years after I graduated from high school.

Via Mitch Berg, whose commenters have some interesting additions to the list.
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Boss Coffee

Households in motion, parte el segundo

Well, that was a relief. I called Crossroads at Penn to follow up on my application, which wasn't done processing yet, and not two minutes later the manager at Fremont Court called my cell phone. I called him back on the office phone, since annoyingly enough my Cingular POS phone rings inside my cube at Evil Banking Neighbor Central but can't actually receive calls. The manager told me my app had been approved, so I'll be moving to 8300 Fremont Avenue South, Apartment 302 this Saturday. As cool as it would have been to move into Richfield just a couple blocks from la maison de stuckintraffik, I'm more comfortable with Bloomington for a number of reasons, and this place is less expensive per month, partially because it doesn't have all the amenities of Crossroads.

So: as a reminder for those of you wondering what to do with yourselves this Saturday, we're having a moving party!

Show up sometime after 10 AM at the northwest stairwell of 10600 Brunswick Road South in Bloomington; I'll be along with the van and furniture dolly around 10:30 after getting the lease and keys for my new place. Packing will commence when the truck arrives, and hopefully between the U-Haul and Scott's TransSport we should be able to clear everything out in one fell swoop. After unloading all my crap at my apartment, we'll proceed to Melody & Scott's place at 4613 28th Avenue South in Minneapolis, unload the rest of the crap, and then burnination of food will commence while I return the truck and dolly. Sodas and water will be provided during the move and the BBQ. In addition to the food and fluids, you'll earn my undying gratitude, since God knows if I had to move all my stuff by myself I would surely die. Why, the effort of moving the books alone would probably kill me.
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A nerd takes online quizzes when he should be packing.

Gacked from michaellee
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Actually, I've made some progress and am now going out to get some more boxes, a tape gun, and some zip ties for the Great Can & Bottle Collection that will be dragged to Iowa with me over AI weekend. At $0.05 apiece, they'll at least help pay for gas. I also need to take back the DVDs to Video Universe and put the Room Party Kit back in the storage locker. Major packing and laundry tomorrow night, and Saturday morning the moving party. Weehu.
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