August 18th, 2005


Weekend called due to lack of enthusiasm

Of course that's not really an option. I have promised a number of people that I would do things; said things have been planned to occur at Diversicon this weekend; therefore I must go and do them. This doesn't mean I'm looking forward to doing them with any hint of happy happy joy joy bounciness in my soul, no, not one milligram.

Probably just the fatigue and frustration talking. I did manage to get my APAzine comments done today and went on to fill four more pages with natter and book reviews. True, about a page and a half of the comments consisted of an extract from the Geneva Convention on the treatment of POWs, thanks to an ongoing disagreement with a fellow apahacker and wargamer - which just goes to show that not all us counter-pushing nerds are a bunch of closet Nazis. Not that I've heard that accusation in a few decades. Anyway, that took up enough time that I didn't evenn consider going out to pick up my prescription refill or do some minimal grocery shopping. Packing? You must be kidding, no?

Well...tonight I'll do that shopping, call in the 'zine info, pick up the Room Party Kit from the storage locker, and maybe, just maybe, do some packing tonight. It could happen. It sure won't happen tomorrow night.
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