August 15th, 2005


A vampire or a victim, it depends on who's around

I don't think I was at my best this Saturday during the AD meeting. I felt horribly disorganized, disconnected and scattered, but I did manage to put out the news about the hotel, remind the department heads to get their procedures and budgets together by the end of September, remind people about the Board election to fill Josh's seat, and get out of there by 3:30 or so.redmartel took notes, which I have to transcribe and post, and depending on how awful I feel tonight I'll take care of that little detail then. In the meantime, I got the boxes tokenfanboy scored for me and gave jamestrainor his copy of The Venus Wars, which he'd loaned me a few months ago.

So then it was off to the Arkham Asylum, where cajones and chebutykin were hosting an Ultraviolet marathon. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, does that series ever kick ass! It's a fabulous combination of Hellsing and The X-Files at their best, and I am genuinely sorry that there's only six episodes. They're damn good episodes, though. So was the episode of Doctor
, "Dalek", shown afterward, which was also directed by Joe Ahearne. By the time that wrapped up it was after 11 and I was feeling the effects of a very long day, so I headed home...only to realize around the Highway 55 exit that I'd forgotten my cell phone, sunglasses, Palm Pilot, and my laptop. So I decided to get off on 55 and go back up to the Asylum. Traffic was light enough at that hour that I slid over from the center lane - and found out at the bottom of the ramp that it's not a plain "H" intersection. So, after checking the traffic, I turned onto the northbound ramp back onto 100 without bothering to get all the way over into the eastbound lanes of 55, and that's when the police officer behind me hit the lights. Thanks to my clean driving record, though, he let me off with a written warning and a pointed lecture about fat guys driving SUVs like sports cars. Since I grew up down South, I shut up and nodded and took my warning. It was better than arguing my way into a ticket.

Got back to the Asylum, where cajones and chebutykin were (thank God) still up watching Twilight Zone, got my gear, and got on home to bed. And that was Saturday.
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Ready for the shuffle, ready for the deal

Yesterday I had exactly two things on the to-do list: do laundry, and after getting the wardrobe defunkified, head over to tatsmaru and Patrick's place to help them celebrate their son Darren's first birthday. Darren's an enormous lad who always seems happy to see me, so I headed on out to their place and arrived (late as usual) around 2 PM. Got introduced to family, relatives, and friends, some of whom I recognized from AD since they'd been volunteers, and then hung out to await developments.

I'd been asked not to bring a present, so I didn't, which was just as well since there was already a humungous pile of stuff. This made it all the more surprising that tatsmaru presented me with a kid's book, remarking, "We're going to have to start calling stuckintraffik the Bandicoot." The book was definitely cute, and accepted, since I agree with ursulav that you can't have too many wombats. phoenixalpha and Scott showed up a little later, followed by Christina, and finally stuckintraffik and Lauren, who had spent their honeymoon at the Fringe Fest and had hit their limit at 48 plays, a tad short of their goal. We did some SMOFfing, more than I really wanted to, but on the other hand sometimes it's a good idea to clear the air and find out what's on peoples' minds.

After most of the people left, things got a little more interesting.
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