August 8th, 2005


Real big heavy power

Didn't get a lot done yesterday - packed one box of books from the front room, stuffed some things in garbage bags, threw stuff up on eBay, and did a grocery run last night that was mostly bread, fruit and dairy products. I also ate way too much this weekend, which is partially the result of not sticking to anything like a normal schedule. Next weekend will be better, despite the AD meeting on Saturday. I did manage to unload one of my dressers on Scott, who doesn't have one of his own, and also got him to agree that it made no sense to rent two trucks on different weekends when we'd already told people we'd be moving on the 27th. So there is progress, if not as much as I would have liked.

As I expected, the management company that runs our complex turned down mediation, so now I need to go talk to the lawyers at Government Center and figure out whether I need to sue them in Housing Court, Conciliation Court, or both. That'll happen tomorrow, after I get a decent night's sleep so I can come in early on the 589C.

On that note, it's off to lunch.
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dead wombat

The reason why

Ann Althouse points to a story in the New York Times that provides a possible explanation for why we're seeing an increase in autism and Asperger's syndrome.

There are a lot of comments from people who evidently don't understand the concept of the bell curve or the notion that "if some A are X, then all A are X" is a logical fallacy.
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Noted in passing

Apparently quite a few of you on my f-list are theater geeks or fans of local theater, because my friends page is getting clogged with posts concerning the Fringe Festival. I knew this was the case with some of you, but I didn't realize it was true of so many of you!