August 5th, 2005


I am one lucky guy!

Gacked from dreamshark, a meme that turned out much more positively for me than it did for her...

Directions: Type "(your name) is" , (with the quotes) into a Google search, cut-and-paste the first 10 responses that work. Just pull the answers right out of the excerpt google shows you, don't click the link
and search around. The only rule is that each one has to start with "(your name) is".

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Friday linkagery

Looks like some Sandinistas might finally get nailed for the ethnic cleansing of the Miskito Indians at the beginning of the Contra War. Via Instapundit, who also recommends this coffee for azules like me. Maybe after I buy a coffee grinder and get back into brewing the stuff instead of drinking instant.

The Air America scandal keeps seething away below the radar of the MSM. Gee, I wonder how much attention this would have gotten from CBS and the New York Times if it had been Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity ripping off a bunch of little kids and alzheimer's patients? Props to Al Franken, though, for being up front and answering questions about this, which is more than you can say for some people at Piquant Media and Bill Press. Brian Maloney's Radio Equalizer blog deserves the major credit for uncovering the scandal, all the more so since the moonbats appear to be trying to bumrush the comments section on his blog instead of doing a little digging on their own to verify or refute the accusations. You know, like the GOP did with Trent Lott?

If you think this can't happen, and you're not worried about the possible consequences, you don't have your head screwed on straight. The problem with deterrence, somebody once observed, is that some people just don't scare worth a damn.

Cobb has a post about power moms and the importance of having them if you want to build community, and an extension of that post which goes off in what looks like a different direction, since it talks about gays and tolerance. Same subject, though. Check them both out.

Chapter 7 of Megatokyo is underway. I expect a lot of shit to blow up real soon.
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Step 1: Clear the Loyalists out of Aragon...

Well, this hasn't been the most boring afternoon of my career at the Evil Banking Neighbor, but it probably qualifies for the top ten. Fortunately, the weekend ought to compensate. First of all, my truck is ready! A day early!

*does the dance of happiness*
*sits down to avoid scaring fellow workers*

This allows me to stop worrying about how I'm going to get home from drunkenphlower's birthday celebration tonight, which will involve sushi at the Ichiban and then Apples to Apples or something equally entertaining at the soon to be former residence of the birthday lady. Brief stop for groceries on the way home, and then a fairly early bedtime in preparation for a Saturday full of packing and long-overdue trashing of dead & useless things, assuming I can keep my head out of The Operational Art of War. I'm in the early stages of the Spanish Civil War scenario, so that might be a little tough. ^_^

Also on Saturday, I need to run out and apply for my new apartment. No, I haven't done that yet, but I don't expect any problems.

There's nothing on the calendar for Sunday, either, which means I can spend more time taping up boxes full of books, CDs, DVDs, wargames, and other stuff. I only have this weekend and next to get packing done, since the weekend of the 19th-21st is Diversicon, and the moving party is on the 27th. Fortunately, I don't actually have all that much stuff loose - most of it can be pulled out of the dressers and stuffed right into boxes. I guess some of my old tactical habits have reasserted themselves after all. ^_^

And with that summation, I need to start closing up here so I can run off and catch a bus out to Bloomington so I can get the truck out of hock. Yay for healed wheels!

Oh yeah - did I mention that phoenixalpha got hired? w00t! Way to go, hija mia!
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