August 2nd, 2005


Shifting cities

This is the first day without the truck, and so far so good: got up half an hour early, did the cuff, and was out by the entrance to the back parking lot waiting for the 589C to come by with five minutes to spare. It seems a little weird to be doing this on the last month in the apartment for some reason, but I can't quite put my finger on why - it may just be the disorientation caused by breaking the habit I've been in of driving to Normandale Village or the P&R lots down by I-35 and Old Shakopee.

Couple of errands to do today - Weight Watchers, of course, from which I'm not expecting much even though I didn't pork out at the barbeque this Sunday, but also a trip to the Government Center to get the necessary forms (and maybe a little advice) on suing the landlord over the property they threw out and their failure to maintain the a/c units in the apartment. I guess that's all going to happen in Conciliation Court, but we'll see what the legal aides have to say. I should also line up a truck for the moving party on the 27th, if I still can. I also need to contact my new landlord and get them to fax me an application - it would be awkward indeed to be trying to move stuff into an apartmetn that isn't mine, ne? Yup, even without the stuff the Evil Banking Neighbor is paying me for (and today there's not much of that) it's going to be a busy day.
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dead wombat

People gotta move.

I didn't, at least not enough to offset all the food I ate last week, and that is why I lost no weight. Didn't gain any, either, but after reading weight-related posts by danae and petsnakereggie it's obvious that the big difference between them losing weight and my not losing weight is that they are working out and I am not.

A good start to this will be the walk back from Normandale Village tonight. Scott will be busy working until all hours, so I can't hit him up for a ride to & from the Source tonight. This means I need to scope out the bus routes to Falcon Heights and back, and be ready for about three hours on the bus followed by an eleven-block walk home from the nearest bus stop. Obviously I'm not going to do this every day, but it certainly wouldn't hurt me to get into the habit of doing that long walk home from the shopping center instead of sitting on my butt waiting for the bus to bring me pretty much right to my doorstep.

Update: Turns out Scott only has a couple hours of extra work and won't have any trouble coming to pick me up from The Source. He offered to drive me out there, but I didn't want to make him drive through rush-hour traffic.
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