July 31st, 2005


The joy of burning panzers, and other time sinks

I'm a happy puppy tonight. Not only did I stay home and not waste money by going out to dinner, I cleaned out my No.2 dresser (the one posing as an entertainment center) and found my copy of The Operational Art of War: A Century of Warfare which pretty much killed my evening since I sat right down and reloaded that game into Deskpro and bashed out 15 turns of the Stalingrad scenario while doing laundry and eating a quick dinner. The AI for this game is pretty damn good. I'm disobeying the historical order to hold Stalingrad to the last bullet and the AI is still kicking my butt.

Time to go get the last load out of the dryer and catch the first hour of the worst show in the history of radio, because that's just how big a metalhead geek I am. Life is good. ^__^
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