July 26th, 2005


Moving party update

Evidently Scott and phoenixalpha are going to move out on the 10th. This means that the moving party ought to be pretty short since it'll just be my stuff, and there's not all that much of that since they're taking most of the furniture with my blessings. Nothing like coordinating this stuff in advance, I tell you...

Drip, drip, drip...

Weighed in but didn't stay for the meeting, since I have a million zillion (okay, it's more like a hundred, but it's still enough to make my wrists ache) mortgage companies to set up. The good news is that despite the Twinkies and danae's awesome cookies at the CVG volunteer party, despite the trip last night to the New Century, despite the general lack of exercise imposed by the sweltering heat, I still lost 1.2 pounds to end the ten-week cycle of Weight Watchers at 412.4 The bad news is that this is only 2.2 pounds off my starting weight, but hell, it's still progress and I feel good about it.

Half of the CDs I had on eBay last week sold, including the Ultravox compilation Slow Motion, which became surplus when I acquired The Island Years. I marked down the other half and relisted them; wish people would quit watching the damn things and start buying them. I'm going to take some time tonight and throw some more CDs up on auction, since I foresee a lot of cash leaking out this month due to the move and Diversicon and things will be tight enough already.

Gave up trying to find my hardback copy of Hell's Faire and bought the pb last night in an attempt to placate Murphy. We'll see what happens.